MOA Signing between NMP and PCG-CGETDC for the Conduct of PDC held on 05 May 2022

Tacloban City – The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) solidified its tie-up with the Philippine Coast Guard-Coast Guard Education Training and Doctrine Command (PCG-CGETDC) for the conduct of Professional Development Courses (PDC) with the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) held on 05 May 2022 at Kuting Reef Resort, Macrohon, Southern Leyte.

With the aim to develop the professional competencies and enhance and update the knowledge, skills and attitudes in teaching of its maritime instructors/trainers, the PCG collaborated with NMP to effectively implement the conduct of the IMO Model Courses 6.09 (Training Course for Instructors) and 3.12 (Assessment, Examination, and Certification of Seafarers).

The abovementioned IMO model courses are conducted to ensure that the instructors and assessors are fully equipped with the knowledge on the current training techniques and provide insight into course management necessary to achieve the prescribed standard of competence for those responsible for the education and training of seafarers.

The partnership between the PCG and NMP for the conduct of the PDCs can be traced way back in 2003. Remarkably, in September to December of last year, NMP was able to train 274 CGETDC personnel in the 19 batches of IMO MC 6.09 and 3.12.

The ceremonial signing of the MOA between NMP represented by Executive Director Joel B. Maglunsod, and PCG-CGETDC through their Commander, Cmdre Eustacio Nimrod P. Enriquez, Jr., was witnessed by NMP Key Personnel and staff and Capt. Paolo Z. Abejuela and CDR Johanson A. Fabillane and other staff from the PCG-CGETDC. Both institutions committed to faithfully adhere to the provisions of the MOA and to work harmoniously for the success of said endeavor.

In a notable gesture of appreciation, Cmdre Enriquez presented to NMP a token of gratitude called “Ike the Owl” which symbolizes the Commander and serves as a challenge to be an Outstanding and Wise Leader through education and training. The owl, which is KUWAGO in Filipino also stands for Kakayahan Ukol, Wastong Asal at Galing ng Organisasyon or Competence, Character, and Capability of the Organization.

This collaborative undertaking between NMP and PCG is an affirmation of NMP’s capability in terms of expertise in effective delivery of quality training to the maritime faculty.
Meanwhile, NMP continues to conduct face-to-face, online and blended maritime training courses. Other information and updates about NMP trainings can be viewed at, or interested stakeholders may visit the NMP website to register/enroll online.