TACLOBAN CITY — The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) illuminated the stage with a brilliant celebration, honoring excellence and unwavering dedication during its distinguished Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Awarding Ceremony held 10 August 2023, at Hotel de Fides. The event paid tribute to the steadfast contributions of NMP’s dedicated workforce within the maritime sector.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome from NMP OIC Executive Director Mayla N. Macadawan, who passionately emphasized the profound importance of recognizing the tireless efforts of NMP’s workforce. “At the core of our success are our exceptional human resources, who consistently surpass deadlines, enrich our Agency, and embody unwavering dedication. Today, we celebrate their remarkable contributions, recognizing their pivotal role in our achievements.”

Following this, ASec. Jerome T. Pampolina, representing DMW Secretary Maria Susana V. Ople, delivered an inspiring message, eloquently underscoring the essence of loyalty by drawing from the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition – “unswerving in allegiance”, which translates to “hindi natitinag” and “katapatan” in Filipino language. He seamlessly connected this unwavering commitment with Larry Weidel’s transformative techniques: “Decide, Overdo, Adjust, Finish, and Keep Improving,” underlining their important role in the journey to becoming “serial winners.”

ASec. Pampolina’s inspiring words resonated throughout the event, not only acknowledging past achievements but also igniting a fervent pursuit of excellence. “May this day be a remembrance of all the love and sacrifice you put in just to provide excellent public service. May you remember all the trainees and the maritime industry you have given a positive impact to. I thank you all for giving your best and for keeping your mindset open to be a “serial winner” for God, yourself, families, and our country – the Philippines,” he shared.

The event’s highlight gleamed brightly upon the NMP’s dedicated awardees. The Loyalty Awardees, embodying years of devoted service, and the Career and Self Development Awardees & Special Citation recipients, recognized for their remarkable achievements and contributions.

The Loyalty Awards were given to employees who have rendered a minimum of ten (10) years of service and a multiple of five (5) years of service thereafter in recognition of their significant contributions. The awardees included Atty. Geraldine S. Paduano-Fabila for her 15 years of service, Mr. Joel Marcelino M. Campo for his 20 years of service, Mr. Eric Samuel P. Salvo and Ms. Ma. Jasmin J. Andrade for their 25 years of service, Engr. Patricio L. Saludar, Mr. Ricardo L. Mionda, Mr. Joel E. Caimoy, and Ms. Gina M. Alegro for their 30 years of service, and Ms. Abigail C. Agravante, Ms. Virginia A. Rivas, Ms. Sarah G. Peñalosa, and Mr. Arnel P. Alicabo for rendering 35 years of service to NMP.

The celebration continued with the recognition of Career and Self Development Awardees – Ms. Karen C. Pailago and Mr. Andrew D. Soledad. This accolade was granted in recognition of individuals who have satisfactorily completed courses or degrees within or outside the country at their own expense. A testament to their unwavering commitment to continuous growth and learning.

Likewise, the event honored recipients of Special Citation. Ms. Dawn Diane Q. Daisog was recognized for her outstanding dedication and commitment to NMP’s service, going beyond the call of duty in her role as the captivating voice behind the Agency’s audio-visual presentations. Atty. Geraldine S. Paduano-Fabila was acknowledged for her successful passing of the BAR Examinations, a significant achievement that contributes to the realization of the Agency’s mission and objectives.

Ms. Abigail Agravante, a 35-Year Loyalty Awardee, delivered an acceptance speech that encapsulated the profound significance of the moment. “I, on behalf of all Loyalty Awardees, am truly honored with a heart full of gratitude and a profound sense of accomplishment, to receive and accept from the National Maritime Polytechnic, this prestigious Loyalty Award. It recognizes the 35, 30, 25, 20, and 15 years of satisfactory service and dedication to the government.” She also highlighted the journey of commitment and growth shared by the awardees. “The National Maritime Polytechnic has become more than just a place of work for us; it has become our second home.”

She further expressed gratitude for the support and inspiration received throughout the journey. “We are also grateful and thankful to our superiors and colleagues who have supported, encouraged, and inspired us, challenged us positively or negatively, and who have been patient with us.”

The ceremony stands as a testament to NMP’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence and dedication within the Agency. It recognizes the remarkable and unwavering contributions of its workforce, inspiring a continued pursuit of excellence in the noble service of the nation.