NMP Executive Director Joel B. Maglunsod (middle), Mr. Santiago Acera (left side) in the Suruswerte Ha PIA Program with PIA RO 8 Regional Head, Dir. Erlinda Olivia Tiu, on 23 June 2021 at the PIA RO8 office

TACLOBAN CITY – Committed to inform the public of its programs and services specifically in the aspects of maritime training and research, the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) broadcasts its updates and lined-up activities in celebration of the Day of the Filipino Seafarers during the Suruswerte Ha PIA program of the Philippine Information Agency Regional Office 8 on 23 June 2021.

In view of the enormous contributions of the seafarers to the economy and as declared in 2010, June 25th of every year is the appointed as the Day of the Seafarer. Hence, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) greatly urges governments to give importance to this day. This year’s campaign theme is Fair Future for Seafarers in support to seafarers amid the pandemic – promoting fair treatment, fair working conditions, fair training, and fair safety for all workers at sea.

Accordingly, during the forum, the Executive Director of NMP, Joel B. Maglunsod, highlighted the lined-up activities of NMP following the said celebration. One of which is the 1st Virtual Maritime Research Forum on 24-25 June 2021 which provides venue for researchers to present to the industry stakeholders the results of researches/studies conducted in the maritime industry. NMP will be presenting its completed researches in 2019-2020 while selected Maritime Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) are also invited for the presentation of their studies.

The forum carries the theme: Navigating the Future of MET Through Collaboration in Maritime Research which will draw discussion and exchange of ideas on the implications of the research findings to policy and program review and development.

In answer to the survey conducted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) stating that one of the areas that could provide fair future to seafarers is training, ED Maglunsod stressed that the endeavors of NMP to promote fair training is the reduction on the training fee of the Consolidated Marine Pollution (Conso-MARPOL) course from 3,000php to 1,300php and the offering of free online trainings including blended learning courses to all aspiring and active seafarers.

With its mandate of providing quality trainings to the Filipino seafarers, NMP desires to address the need of the maritime cadets, graduates and other allied personnel who are unable to undergo the required trainings for shipboard employment due to financial constraints. Hence, theTrain Now Pay Later (TNPL) program was emphasized. This allows qualified cadets and graduates from maritime schools to undergo the required trainings without cost at first, but subject to repayment after its first year of shipboard employment.

In the same vein, to promote empowerment of Filipino women seafarers and encourage them to pursue senior management level positions, the NMP thru the vitality of its Gender and Development (GAD) committee offered the “Serbisyo Para Kay Juana” which provides Free Training and Dormitory Fees for Female Seafarers for the period of June 1-30, thus, making them feel recognized and valued taking into high consideration their invaluable contribution in the maritime industry. Correspondingly, an Online Gender Sensitivity Training for Seafarers (GSTS) in partnership with MARINA RO8 will be conducted on June 25, 10:00 a.m.

PIA RO8 Regional Director Olvia Tiu conveyed that the NMP is a major contributor in providing fair future to the workforce of the maritime industry. She concluded by giving well wishes to all the seafarers all over the world especially during these trying times.

The said program was held at the PIA RO8 office and also, in attendance was the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) representative and Unit Head of the MARINA Maritime Enforcement Service Unit, Mr. Santiago Acera, who also shared their programs relative to the celebration. The discussion was featured live in all the Facebook Pages of the PIA, An Rehiyon Ocho Yana social media account, and various TV networks in Region VIII.

Further, interested enrollees to NMP trainings may visit the NMP website (www.nmp.gov.ph) or the agency’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/nmptrainingcenter) where all updates and relevant information on NMP programs are available. Likewise, for information on NMP research undertakings please visit the NMP website and access the e-Research Information System Portal (www.research.nmp.gov.ph) which is designed to disseminate NMP completed researches, present the Research Agenda, and engage the industry stakeholders to collaborate in the research activities.