MARINA RO VIII hosted the Maritime Transport Modernization Summit on March 22, 2023 at Hotel de Fides in Tacloban City.

TACLOBAN CITY– The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) took the center stage at the Eastern Visayas Maritime Transport Modernization Summit held at Hotel de Fides, Tacloban City on March 22, 2023 as it showcased its comprehensive maritime research and skills competency programs, highlighting its role in supporting the maritime modernization program in Eastern Visayas.

As a premier maritime training and research institution accredited by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), NMP offers a wide range of upgrading, specialized and value-adding courses. With 51 available courses, NMP offers a holistic approach to training, combining theoretical knowledge and practical applications thereby, equipping seafarers and maritime-allied professionals with the necessary skills and competencies to excel in their careers. NMP also ensures that its courses meet the requirements of both domestic and international shipping industries, covering Deck, Engine, Specialized, Basic, and Professional Development Courses.

Apart from its training programs, NMP is mandated to conduct research activities for the maritime industry. This commitment is evident in the Agency’s conduct of various research initiatives that have a significant impact on the Philippines as a major provider of maritime workforce in the international labor market. The Agency also recognizes the importance of domestic shipping and seafaring as vital components of national development and undertakes research activities that promote the welfare of seafarers, including the empowerment of women seafarers.

NMP’s partnership with maritime higher education institutions (MHEIs) in the Eastern Visayas region, such as the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT), Eastern Samar State University (ESSU), and Biliran Province State University (BiPSU), is a vital component of its commitment to support the maritime industry. These tie-ups were aimed to enhance the capabilities of the MHEIs in delivering high-quality education and training to aspiring seafarers and ensure that their maritime cadets are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

The Agency is also in collaboration with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in professionalizing the competencies of Vessel Crane Operators. Through this initiative, NMP takes active steps to ensure the safety of crew, dockworkers, and cargoes on board ships, while addressing the training needs of personnel to prevent crane accidents caused by human error.

In support of the modernization of the maritime sector in Eastern Visayas, the NMP has taken steps towards digital transformation. It has introduced several information systems that streamline processes and enhance efficiency. The Online Registration System, which enables clients to enroll in NMP’s Training Courses via a Web Portal. The system includes features such as electronic registration, message reminders, and online payment processing. Additionally, the Certificate Verification System is linked to the Maritime Training Information System (MTIS) server, allowing trainees to verify their certificates online. It also verifies the enrollment of applicants in their preferred PDC Courses. These innovative systems demonstrate the NMP’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies to support the maritime industry in Eastern Visayas.

“Seafaring continues to be an attractive career choice for the people in Eastern Visayas. Preliminary data from DMW Strategic Planning Management Service reveals that 9,375 seafarers from Region 8 were deployed in CY 2022,” NMP OIC Executive Mayla N. Macadawan disclosed.

“The region demonstrates enormous potential in terms of maritime workforce development and leverages the availability of maritime training services through the NMP, which catered to a total of 2,645 seafarer-trainees in the Region in 2022 constituting 57% of the trainee population,” she added.

Through its steadfast dedication to providing quality training and responsive researches, and collaborating with MHEIs and other organizations, NMP is setting the foundation for a thriving maritime industry in Eastern Visayas, contributing to the region’s economic growth.

Meanwhile, those interested to take NMP training programs may visit the Online Registration System via or the agency’s Facebook page ( where all updates and relevant information on NMP programs are available.  Likewise, for information on NMP research  undertakings, please visit  the NMP’s e-Researh Portal ( which is designed to disseminate NMP completed researches, present the Research agenda, and engage the industry stakeholders to collaborate in the research activities.