TACLOBAN CITY — NMP is proud to share the remarkable accomplishments achieved by the Agency during the 1st Semester of 2023, as announced by NMP OIC Executive Director Mayla N. Macadawan during her interview with Radyo Abante – SJTV on 07 July 2023.

One of the standout accomplishments of the semester is the successful completion of training courses by 7,755 trainees, representing an impressive 77.55% accomplishment as against the 10,000 target for the year. This remarkable milestone reflects NMP’s unwavering commitment in equipping seafarers with the essential skills and knowledge required for a thriving maritime career.

Notably, NMP’s partnerships with esteemed institutions in Region VIII, namely Eastern Samar State University (ESSU), Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT), and Biliran Province State University (BiPSU), played a pivotal role in achieving this success. These strategic collaborations enabled NMP to broaden its training offerings, reaching a wider audience of aspiring maritime professionals in the region.

The 2023 International Day for Women in Maritime, hosted by NMP on 18 May 2023 was another momentous occasion. During this event, a captivating video presentation titled “Celebrating Women Leaders in the Philippine Maritime Industry” was showcased, highlighting the achievements of 11 exceptional Filipino women who have attained significant leadership positions within the maritime sector. NMP takes immense pride in recognizing these outstanding women and their invaluable contributions, serving as inspiring role models for aspiring female seafarers.

The said celebration also paved way for the adoption of the Manifesto of Commitment Towards a Barrier-Free Environment for the Filipino Women in Maritime, wherein nineteen (19) industry stakeholders concretized their support by confirming their signature to the said manifesto.

NMP also conducted a Maritime Research Forum on 22 June 2023, where research findings of its completed studies in 2022 were presented. The forum not only provided an opportunity to share valuable insights and recommendations for policy formulation and program development, but it also served as a venue for NMP to present its Research Agenda for CY 2023-2025. This research agenda outlines NMP’s commitment towards advancing knowledge and innovation in the maritime industry, driving continuous improvement and development in the maritime sector.

Moreover, NMP successfully maintained its ISO 9001:2015 certification, reinforcing its commitment in providing high-quality maritime education and training, having passed the comprehensive 2nd Surveillance Audit of both the Tacloban and the Manila sites. As an Agency that commits to continuous enhancement of the maritime labor workforce, maintaining ISO Certification of its QMS confirms the Agency’s relevance in carrying out its mandate of upgrading the qualifications of Filipino seafarers and providing quality maritime industry researches.

OIC ED Macdawan expressed her appreciation to the media for their support in sharing NMP’s accomplishments. Their involvement as a platform for disseminating information about NMP’s programs and services played a crucial role in raising awareness and engaging the stakeholders.

In closing, OIC ED Macadawan urged all Filipino seafarers and maritime stakeholders to seize the opportunity presented by NMP’s programs and services and embark on a transformative journey that will propel them towards unparalleled success in the maritime industry. She specifically highlighted the Train Now Pay Later program of NMP as a valuable option for aspiring maritime professionals, providing them with a flexible payment arrangement that alleviates immediate financial burdens and enable them to commence their training without delay. By embracing this scheme, individuals can take their first step towards a promising career in the maritime field, empowered by NMP’s dedication to their growth and development.

NMP’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that stakeholders receive the highest standard of education and training, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to excel in the ever-evolving maritime landscape.

Meanwhile, those interested to take NMP training programs may visit the Online Registration System via https://register.nmp.gov.ph, the Agency’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/nmptrainingcenter) or website https://nmp.gov.ph where all updates and relevant information on NMP programs are available.  Likewise, for information on NMP research undertakings, please visit the NMP’s e-Research Portal (www.research.nmp.gov.ph)  which is designed to disseminate NMP completed researches, present the Research agenda, and engage the industry stakeholders to collaborate in the research activities.