TACLOBAN CITY — The National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) continues to champion education and community development by extending its strong support to local schools and students. In response to Camansihay Elementary School’s invitation, NMP has provided its unwavering assistance to its Brigada Eskwela event.

Brigada Eskwela, an annual nationwide event, involves volunteers from various sectors of society working together to improve and prepare school facilities for the upcoming academic year. NMP’s dedication to education and its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) shine through with a generous donation of paints and a pledge of resources, including the services of skilled grasscutters and operators.

This substantial support is set to make a significant impact on the learners of Camansihay Elementary School. The newly painted classrooms and well-maintained surroundings will provide an enriched learning environment, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity for young minds to flourish.

NMP OIC Executive Director Mayla N. Macadawan stated, “We firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of progress, and every child deserves access to a conducive learning environment. Our support for Camansihay Elementary School’s Brigada Eskwela event aligns with our commitment to empower local communities through education. It is not just a donation of resources but an investment in the future of these students and the development of our society.”

NMP’s involvement in Brigada Eskwela reflects its broader mission to contribute positively to society beyond its core functions. By participating in events that enhance educational facilities, NMP aims to promote a culture of shared responsibility and collaboration among public and private institutions alike.

By participating in Brigada Eskwela, NMP exemplifies its dedication of uplifting communities beyond its core functions. The organization’s commitment to education and community well-being remains steadfast, aiming to create positive, lasting changes in the lives of learners and educators