NMP Sets Priorities for CY 2020

NMP Executive Staff during the NMP Corplanning Exercise on 04 December 2019 at the Hotel XYZ, Tacloban City

“Along with the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) mission in the promotion of gainful employment opportunities and development of human resources, the NMP, serving within its mandate on upgrading the skills and competencies of the country’s seafarers and on the conduct of researches and studies for the maritime industry, will continue to pursue priority thrusts on training quality, accessibility and relevance of its training programs and responsiveness of it maritime researches”, said Executive Director Joel B. Maglunsod during the NMP Corplanning Exercise on 04 December 2019 at the Hotel XYZ, Tacloban City.

The Agency is cognizant of the critical issues and challenges in the country’s maritime industry that can be addressed by NMP interventions.  It also looks in to the concerns for growth in its internal environment.  These industry and agency specific issues and concerns are translated to Strategic Goals in coherence with the fulfillment of the NMP Mission and realization of the NMP Vision, to wit:

Enhance Quality and Relevance of Training

NMP continuously assures that its training courses are implemented in accordance with national and international standards on maritime education and training.  Further, training services shall be designed and implemented addressing current and emergent training needs of critical groups such as the management level officers, trainers and assessors, offshore and maritime-allied personnel and employer-required skills on top of the regular training programs.

Institutionalize the Maritime Assessment Program

The Maritime Assessment Center will be established to ascertain the seafarers’ acquisition of required competencies and conformance to proficiency standards in accordance to specific regulations in the 2010 Amendments to the STCW Code.  This complements the move towards better quality training offerings, presenting an inclusive approach in the development of globally competitive maritime human resource.

Enhance Responsiveness of Maritime Researches

NMP will continue to conduct responsive maritime industry researches towards improving the manpower sector of the industry.  Relevance of its findings shall be manifested with the adoption of the study recommendations in the formulation and review of policies and programs that impact on maritime manpower development.

Improve Accessibility of Training and Establish Linkages for Resource Generation, Technical Cooperation and Agency Visibility

Strengthening strategic alliances with partner agencies and institutions, both government and private as well as local and international, are exigent in taking advantage of opportunities of the new developments in the external environment for the generation of resources and technical operation as well as improved visibility of NMP in the industry.

Strengthen Leadership and Institutional Support Program

The delivery of quality trainings and the conduct of relevant researches will be propelled by a responsive and committed administrative support operation program.  NMP shall formulate a comprehensive agenda towards developing and maintaining a robust personnel through capacity enhancement and career development.  Training equipment and support facilities shall be continuously upgraded and existing systems and processes shall be accelerated to better satisfy the needs and expectations of clients, while complying with existing government rules and regulations and ensuring conformance to existing standards.

With all these initiatives, NMP reaffirms its commitment to remain relevant in maritime education and training for the professional development of competent Filipino seafarers and maritime allied labor force.